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All Italy

I love travelling around Italy and showcasing the culinary delights of my homeland

LA miA esperienzA

    • Chef for Catering Macchia Catering Sartoriale
    • Chef for Catering Yvonne Events
    • Home Chef Take a Chef, international portal
    • Chef at home Airbnb Luxury Experiences
    • Chef at Helena Wine Boutique (Lecce)
    • Sous Chef at Bahia Mar Ristorante (Torre Lapillo)
    • I run my own Home Restaurant La mia Cucina
    • Chef at Le Dune Bistrot (Porto Cesareo)
    • I have catered for foreign guests in Salento.
    • I managed Aia del Convento Home Restaurant for two years.
    • I had the privilege of being in the brigade with Massimo Bottura in September 2019
    • I participated as a finalist in the 2020 Mariette Prize of Casa Artusi
    • Personal Chef on a boat for an excursion on the Salento coast, with express lunch on board
    • I presented at Casa Mamma Elvira my interpretation of Oyster Gourmet for Oyster Oasis
    • Personal Chef in exclusive Salento locations
    • Dinner for 4 with Chef Luciano Di Marco (Masterchef 9 contestant)
    • Dinner 4 hands with Chef Alberto Putti (Chef of Gambero Rosso)