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I love travelling around Italy and showcasing the culinary delights of my homeland


I am a home cook or Private Chef, a figure who performs a personalised service, realising a culinary event according to the client’s tastes and preferences.

They contact me for a simple dinner with friends at home or at a chosen location, but also for a birthday, an anniversary, a special moment.

They contact me so that they do not have to think about anything: from shopping to serving on the table, to cleaning and tidying up the kitchen, I do everything. Depending on the client’s wishes, I collaborate with sommeliers, pastry chefs, wineries, musicians, etc.

Calling a home cook gives you the opportunity to blend familiarity and sophistication, to feel free to host people as you wish, thinking only of your guests.

The home cook, Personal Chef or Private Chef is a reserved and proper person, takes care of presenting a good menu, cares about your home and respects your privacy.