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All Italy

I love travelling around Italy and showcasing the culinary delights of my homeland

The project

After years spent in commerce, I wanted to get involved to follow a passion that I have always carried within me, whether it was being a Personal Chef, Home Cook, Private Chef or just plain Cook.

I left my previous job and enrolled in a cooking school.

After a period of training and after various work experiences in restaurant kitchens as an assistant chef and home chef I would now like to share my taste and experience with all of you in the comfort of your own home.

My philosophy is based on quality and respect for raw materials.

In fact, my cuisine is based only on products from my land, Salento, and on seasonality, mine are traditional dishes revisited.

I always try to innovate what is tradition, even totally detaching myself from it, to introduce new flavours and textures.

I like to make my guests feel good and I take great satisfaction in seeing in their eyes the joy of having tasted good food.

My client only thinks about pampering his guests.

Salento at home

Some of my recipes