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I love travelling around Italy and showcasing the culinary delights of my homeland


In which areas do you work?

I work in the Lecce area and province, but also throughout Italy. Depending on your needs for the number of days of service.

How is the menu decided?

The menu will be chosen together, taking into account your tastes, needs and any food allergies or intolerances. You will be able to choose whether to have a seated dinner or a buffet service depending on the number of your guests.

Who does the shopping?

As far as the shopping is concerned, I will personally take care of it. I will carefully select only high quality, seasonal products; they will always be fresh.

For the necessary equipment?

A few days before the planned date, I will make an inspection of the kitchen to see what space and equipment is available to make everything run smoothly.

How much do I have to pay?

The price varies depending on the area, the occasion, the number of guests and the number of courses. At the time of booking, I require an advance payment of 50% of the total amount. The balance will be paid at the end of the event.

Who cleans and sets up the kitchen?

My staff and I will take care of everything: at the end of the service I will tidy up and have the kitchen as you entrusted it to me.

When should I book?

As soon as possible to ensure that the service can take place on the date you have chosen.

What does the price of the menu include?

The price includes the expense for the products, which are always highly selected, seasonal and fresh; the service, preparation and tidying up of the utensils used. My fee is also included in the menu price.
It does not include any waiters or service staff, hire of tables, chairs, extra equipment and floral decorations, wines, spirits, drinks and water.


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